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Supporting Fire and Security Companies Across the UK

Our sister company, Access Inspired is an official Salto UK distributor of Salto Systems.  Supplying different industries, it offers the full range of Salto access control products at trade prices.


Through Access Inspired, we support fire and security companies across the UK. Acting as an extension of the services you offer to your customers and allowing your company to grow. From system design to answering questions you or your customers have, support is provided throughout the whole process. Access to Salto equipment and support has never been easier.


Salto Access Control is used around the globe by many businesses, where access control and monitoring is necessary. Large businesses with multiple sites will likely use an access control system. However, it’s also designed for smaller-scale operations offering single door solutions.


Industries especially keen to implement access control are healthcare, hospitality, education and construction. If you are a security company working within these sectors, partnering with us to offer the additional service of access control could have huge implications for your business.


To learn more or work with us, email or visit:

Image of hand accessing a room with a access control panel on a door


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