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Access control services

From Single Door Protection to Multi-site Networked Access

We provide clients across south Wales, the south west and surrounding areas with long lasting access control systems  tailored to individual requirements.


With over 40 years experience within the industry, rest assured with high quality access and entry solutions you can trust. We provide the latest technology systems and electronic access for both domestic and commercial properties.

Get in touch to learn how access control systems work and the advantages of an integrated control system instead of keys.

Offering amazing features, robust quality and superior support - Protectorcomms is a name you can trust. 

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Stop unauthorised access

Security Doors for your Home and Business

We offer an unrivalled range of security devices and  solutions to help put a stop to unauthorised access, deter opportunists and help you manage staff efficiently.

Standalone Access: With a standalone system, there is no need for a PC network, and you don’t have to secure every door in your property, only the ones you want.

Networked Access: Unlike standalone access control, a PC based system will give you full control over every door on the system.

Wireless Access: The main advantage of using a wireless system is that any number of doors can be secured at a much lower cost than a hard-wired system.

Biometrics: Biometric access control works by reading the individual characteristics of a person’s voice, face, fingerprints and iris patterns in order to identify the person and verify their entry.

Intercom Systems: If you want a little extra security in your property or business, then an intercom system is perfect.


Choose from innovative systems by
world-leaders Paxton and Salto
Paxton access
Access control
Salto access

Paxton Access Control

Paxton access offers a secure, convenient way of controlling who has access to your property. We can offer entry-level standalone access to meet the needs of smaller businesses.

Salto Access Control

Salto offers a refined access control platform, combining electronic locks, excellent software as well as cutting-edge wireless systems to help you manage access to your property.

What is Access Control?

Access control is a security feature that allows you to monitor and control who enters your property. It is an important security consideration when accessing risk to your home or business.

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We can help you 
secure your world

If you need an affordable and reliable security system for your home or business, or are worried about crime, we can help. Our systems can be tailored to your requirements.

Unsure what you need to protect your property?

If you have queries on which system you need, speak to our friendly team to discuss your options. 


Protectorcomms Ltd is based in Caerphilly, south Wales with a range of resources available to help supply, install and maintain access control systems nationwide. Get in touch to find out more.

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