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Trust Protectorcomms to keep you safe

Intruder Alarms

Ensure your property is protected. We have a range of burglar alarm systems to suit your needs. Our team can cater for any eventuality, from a small home alarm to a Grade 3 insurance-approved monitored alarm for your business premises.

We tailor our services and create bespoke systems from your premises. Get in touch to discuss your concerns and we will provide the solution.

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Capture security system

Trusted security experts since 2006

Smart Alarm Systems

We hand-pick all the security and safety systems we use to ensure reliability and quality. Many of our alarms can be endlessly tailored to match your requirements or tackle challenges you've had with security systems in the past. We bring the best, cutting-edge technology the security world has to offer to your doorstep and smart phones.

Have a question? Speak to our friendly team.

Full Service Security Packages

We offer an unrivalled range of security systems and services as well as expert advice.

Hard Wired Alarms

Wireless Alarms

Monitored  Systems

Hard wired systems are usually more secure and reliable than wireless systems. They are also considerably cheaper in terms of parts.

These systems are extremely versatile, as any devices and extra features can be added by simply wiring them into the system. Wired systems only have one battery which acts as a back-up for the whole system.


This means no battery maintenance costs. The systems have the ability to send a signal to a central monitoring station or can be self-monitored.

Wireless systems are extremely easy to install as there is no wiring involved. A basic system takes less than two hours to fit.

Adding extra detectors is just as easy as adding them to a hard-wired system. They are simply taught into the system. Wireless devices send a signal from the detectors to the control panel to trigger an alarm.


Another huge advantage of wireless intruder alarms is they can be easily moved. If you're moving home or having building work done, your alarm will function as normal.

Monitored systems give the benefits of a regular intruder alarm and more, even alerting the authorities when an alarm is triggered.

Monitored systems are connected to a receiving centre which monitors your alarm 24/7. Usually the centre calls your home to check for a false alarm before contacting the police. Authorities are also be notified if a line is cut or the system is tampered with.


Home insurance discounts can be between 2 and 15% with a good alarm system. Monitored systems also act as a deterrent for burglars.

We can help you
secure your world

If you need an affordable and reliable security system for your home or business, or are worried about crime in your area, we can help. We have a range of systems that can be tailored to your requirements.

Unsure what you need
to protect your property?

If you have queries on which system you need to protect your property, speak to our friendly team about your options. 


Based in Caerphilly in South Wales we have a range of resources available to help supply, install and maintain home security systems nationwide. Get in touch to find out more.

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