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Automatic Gate Installation 

Gate Automation Near Me

We provide automatic gate installation to residential and commercial properties. Our high quality automated gates guarantee protection against intruders. Electric gates and security barriers help ensure a safe place for you to relax within the boundaries of your property.

We create unique security packages, with our automatic security and access control systems bespoke to your needs. We can fit new automatic security technology onto existing gates and barriers or work with you to build a security perimeter from scratch. To find out more, get in touch with our experienced team.

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Trusted Security Provider Since 2006

Electric Gates South Wales

Nothing works better as a visual deterrent than a strong security gate. Properties with physical security installed are less likely to be the victim of break-ins and trespassers.

We design, install and maintain security gates, parking barriers and door automation. All designed around your requirements. We also offer other security systems, from CCTV Systems to Fire Alarms that can be included as part of your package.


Door Automation

An automatic doors system can be integrated with access control to provide security for your property. Improve access, especially for those less able or with heavy deliveries.

Typical systems will fit sensors to your door frame internally and externally to give a two-way access system. Studies have shown retailers with automatic doors attract more customers.

Metal Gates

Wooden Gates

Gates made of metal are a popular and ideal choice for buildings that want a high level of physical security. Not only can gates control pedestrians, but also vehicles.

Metal gates can be used for residential and commercial properties, ensuring the safety of children and pets. Metal is extremely durable - a huge advantage for commercial sites. It also adds aesthetic value to your property.

Using wooden gates not only ensures the  security of your property, but also adds to the overall design of your building. Our wooden gates add a sense of grandeur to a property. 

Timber is especially sturdy and hard wearing. It provides excellent security levels and allows you to control who is entering your property. Wooden gate also look great and leave a lasting impression on visitors.

Automated Gates

Sliding Gates

Parking Barriers

Having an automated gate provides easy access to your home. It gives a high level of security and means you don't have to leave your car to open the gate.

Homeowners can use keypads, voice or video intercoms, remote controls and proximity cards to enter their property. Feel reassured your property is protected. For larger or commercial properties, automated gates can be integrated with CCTV or intercom systems.

Sliding gates don't intrude onto a driveway or grounds of a property - a huge advantage. They are said to be the most secure form of security gate.


Due to their positioning and the lock they use, once they are closed they are almost impossible to open. Sliding gates use wheels in a small channel when they open, which means the system is generally extremely quiet.

Automated parking and security barriers are a simple and cost-effective way to control vehicle access. Barriers are held securely in place and highly visible.

Most barriers are made with steel, which is built to last and guarantees quality. They come in a variety of lengths and configurations, and can be customised. Security barriers are commonly used in car parks as a reliable and safe option for traffic control.

Secure your world

If you need an affordable and reliable security system for your home or business, or are worried about crime, we can help. Our range of systems can be individually tailored to your requirements.

Protect your property

If you have questions on which system you need, speak to our experienced team and we'll talk through the options. 


We are based in Caerphilly in South Wales and operate nationwide. Our range of resources help supply, install and maintain security gates and automatic barriers. For expert advice, get in touch.

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