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Security Gate Design and Installation

At Protectorcomms, we design, install and maintain automatic security gates to both residential and commercial properties. From metal, wooden and sliding gates to security barriers, door automation and electric gates, we can support you.



How does an automated security gate work?


An automated security gate operates through a system of sensors and mechanisms which control access to an area. The gate uses various technology such as motion sensors and keypad entry to verify when a person or vehicle approaches. The gate will open with a key card, access code or biometric data. If the credentials are not recognised, the gate remains closed.


Automatic security gates are efficient and reliable, maintaining a robust level of security. Our security gates can be installed alongside other safety measures, from surveillance cameras to fire and intruder alarms.



Why should I install a security gate to my business property?

Installing an automated security gate onto your business infrastructure safeguards your property. It enhances security and acts as a formidable barrier against unauthorised access to deter intruders. Our security gates provide access control, allowing you to efficiently manage entry and exit points. Automatic gates also offer convenience and flexibility and add to the professional image of your business.



The benefits of security gates for your home

Installing a security gate to your home has so many advantages. It gives enhanced safety and protection for you, your loved ones and your property. Acting as a physical barrier, the gate provides a deterrent against intruders and burglars.

Modern systems even include advanced features from motion sensors and CCTV cameras to remote access control. Gain real-time monitoring and manage entry to your home remotely. A well-designed security gate can even add aesthetic appeal and value to your property and could result in lower insurance premiums.


Find out more about the security gates and barriers we provide.

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