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The Digital Transformation of Fire Safety


The fire safety and security sectors are undergoing a digital transformation, including the introduction and power of self-testing devices.


Protectorcomms work with brands and products that are trusted and innovative. Working with Honeywell Gent we install its multi-award-winning self-testing range of fire detectors. The products are the only ones on the market that use real heat and smoke for testing to achieve compliance in buildings.


Damian O’Brien, Director at Protectorcomms said, “Self-testing is a game-changer in fire safety and ground breaking for the security sector. It gives peace of mind to building owners that in the event of a fire, all detectors have been thoroughly tested. The self-test sensors are revolutionising the way we install, test and maintain fire alarms systems.


“Protectorcomms is an industry leading security provider which embraces change. Digital technologies are evolving all industries, so it’s important we embrace these digital advancements to ensure the safety and security of lives and buildings.”


The Honeywell Gent Connected Life Safety Services (CLSS) is an innovative, all-in-one cloud platform. It enables service providers to deliver an enhanced fire safety service through Honeywell's trusted detection and alarm systems.


If you want to discuss the installation of self-testing fire alarms within your building, contact us for advice.  

Logo of Honeywell Gent with images of self testing alarms


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